Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cars, coasters and craft fairs

What  a scorcher!  Phew! Its been so hot the last few days, I think I actually saw the temp gauge in the car hit 28.5 C!

The heat effects people in different ways, as shown in the story I'm about to tell you about what happened to me on Tuesday afternoon.
I popped over to my local WH Smiths to pick up the latest sewing magazines and as I got back in the car I saw that there was a child in the car next to me, and there was no adult, and no windows open. I had to go over and check on him, it was boiling hot outside.  It was a decision I should regret after what happened next.  I got the child to open his window and he said he was hot, I got him to describe his dad and went off looking for him, I found him straight away walking towards me back to the car.  I explained that the child was in the car and the windows were up and he did the obvious - started shouting at me to keep my nose out of other peoples business, not tell him how to raise his kid, blah, blah, blah.  What an IDIOT!  The child, he told me was 5 years old, and was winding the windows up himself - he tried to blame the child! I just said that you shouldn't leave a 5 year old in the car on his own (with the doors unlocked as well) as he could have been snatched. And that earned me another torrent of abuse. I gave up, walked to my car, got in locked the doors and took deep breaths until he drove away. But I do not regret going over to check on that child.  There was something in the news the other day about a woman locking her 3 children in the car where temperatures got up to nearly 40 degrees, and there was another a few years ago about a boy who waited at the bus stop in the snow for over an hour and got Pnemonia because the bus never turned up.  I wonder if anyone noticed the boy at the bus stop, sitting there, not moving.  It goes to show, if we open our eyes a little more, we might be able to help someone, whatever the consequence.


I've been in 'The Barn' for a few days making stuff that is too messy to do at home.  I love the barn, its huge! And I love that I can be messy!!  The Barn belongs to a friend of my husbands and they are in business together so most of the time they are in there cutting up stuff and making Tractor Guard - this is a polycarb guard for tractor windows - boring to me but keeps them occupied - and it pays for my fabric as I do all the paperwork and look after the accounts. But they are out at the moment so I have had free reign on the cutting table for a few days :) YEY! Want to see what I've been up to?  Excellent!

Aren't they colourful!! And for those of you with eagle eyes, yes, that is an Amy Butler pattern!!

They are my handmade coasters.  I made 54 of them on Tuesday and started another 50 yesterday.  I prefer to make things like this in huge batches, then I can get on with other things!  They take about 4 hours in total to make, but means I can keep my costs down and sell them in sets of 4 for a reasonable £12.99 instead of making one set at a time and having to charge £19.99!  But I am going to sell them at the Craft Fairs I have coming up at £9.99, as a craft fair special.  Hope people like them!   Or my friends are all getting coasters for Christmas (Oh no, I said Christmas!! - Sorry!!)


I have 2 craft fairs this month, both towards the end of the month which is good, as I have made lots of new items and updated old ones as I'm a bit better at sewing now and I can't stand to look at some of my older items! Do you ever get that?  I look at some of my older make up bags and brush rolls and think - god, why did I use that fabric?! or God, look at that wonky seam! lol :)   But as they say; practice makes perfect!! And I like to think I'm getting better.

Anyway, craft fairs!! Heres the details for them both:

Saturday 27th August
10am - 3pm
Arts, Crafts and Vintage Party
Kings Heath Community Centre
8 Heathfield Road
Free Entry
Handmade items and tea shop with vintage pre-90's items.

I haven't taken part in this fair before so I'm quite excited!  I have to be there by 9am and Kings Heath is a bit of a drive so will be an early start!

Monday 29th August
10am - 4pm
Handmade Craft Fair with BBQ and Charity Car Wash for Help For Heroes
The White Lion
Hill Village Road
Four Oaks
Sutton Coldfield
Free Entry
Handmade jewellery, cards, home accessories, printed canvases, gifts, sock creations, etc
Contact me:

This is the craft fair that I organise and will be the second one of the year, and I hope to get two more in before 2012.  It was so much fun last time, the room was buzzing and I hope it will be the same again.  I'm so keeping my fingers crossed for the weather to be good as I have 10 outside tables to fill but can't release them for sale until I know what the weather is doing as I'd hate to disappoint anyone if it rains!

I must apologise for the lack of pictures in this post, but I forgot the memory card for my camera - I left it in the computer - DOH! So I had to take pics with my phone and they are not the best :(

But I will leave you with a few more coaster pics :)

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