Sunday, 21 August 2011

Time for Tea

Over the past few weeks I have been getting some exercise by walking around car boot sales near me via they are massive car boot sales in huge fields, cost £1 to get in and takes 2-3 hours of lovely gentle walking in the sunshine to get around them.  The bonus?  I get to buy these:

Aren't they beautiful!!  I think I have about 18 now!! They cost from between £12 for the first set and £1-4 for the others.  Bargains in my book!!  They are all marked England and some are from the 1960's!  So cool.  They will be put in storage now until we have a house I can show them off in or until my dream of owning a tea shop/fabric shop comes to life and I can use them to serve tea in!!

Which is your favourite?  Mine is the 1963 set at the top :)


  1. The green one! I have the same one! Gorgeous, and you can never have too many - you need to knit some tea cosies now!

  2. The green one is lovely, its a light turquoise and cost the grand sum of 50p!! Its one of my favourites :)