Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Let the sun shine!

Oh! I wish the sun would come back and warm us all up!!

I'm really missing the sun :(  I've just come back from a fab week away 
with my husband to see my parents who live in sunny Murcia, Spain.

View from my parents roof terrace

Fab sky whilst the sun goes down.

Theres not alot to keep you occupied in Murcia, Its very laid back and relaxed.
I read books, watched films, sunbathed and generally lazed about!!
It was soooooo good!!

Having a long walk on the beach after some yummy tapas

Finding HUGE heart shaped strawberries and 
eating them all up with lashings of whipped cream - yum yum :)

Visiting the market

Wishing I had more room in my suitcase for all these 
buttons and beautifully bright threads!!

Loving the colourful flowers at the Market

the HUGE black and green olives 
(My favourite are the pepper and garlic stuffed ones)

Too much fruit to choose from!!

''I carried a watermelon'' A la Dirty Dancing!
 lol :)

Fab ceramics - my mom owns loads of these
I must bring some back next time!!!

It was lovely 30 degrees C everyday and it was so nice
to spend some time with my parents.

But for now its back to work doing a little of this

screen printing 
(image from google)

and a little of this

lino cutting practice

I'll update you on how they go soon, meanwhile keep your fingers crossed for the sunshine!