Sunday, 31 July 2011

A new experience!


This is the time I woke up this morning!  And I was fully awake!  And theres only one thing you can do when you get up that early on a Sunday - CAR BOOT!!

So I logged on to and found that there was a car boot local to me. So off I went at 8am with my husbands words ringing in my ears ''Don't buy anything!" - Yea, right!  

Wanna see???

HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!  These are the first additions to my teapot collection :) and they were only £1.50 for both!!  WOO!!  
My husband was rolling his eyes when I showed him them!  
But I explained that they are for my (imaginary - at the moment) Tea and craft shop called 'The Tea Cosy' or 'The Fabric Tea Cosy' (so named by a friend on Facebook - thanks Pamela!)  

I will tell you more about my The Tea Cosy Fabric Shop (Oooh, I like that name too!)  in another post :)

Below I've added a few pics of the lovely Lime Place in Lichfield - handcrafted goodies and fabric galore!!

Oooh, and lastly (before I go for a quiet Sunday afternoon drink with the husband) please let me know what you think of my new banner and background!  I'm a little upset the banner isn't centred and I didn't want to make it any bigger as it would stretch too much and distort my lovely label.  Hope you like it!!  

PS: Labels are by Crafted HOME a fab lady called Fiona, who makes the best labels!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend xxx


  1. I love the tea pots!!! aww I want one so bad! Love the banners and the background Mel, so proud of you! and when you have your shop let me know, and me and Laura will come and help you set up! so proud of you xxxx

  2. I can send you the code to centre your banner if you would like. That handcrafted shop in Lichfield looks very inspirational. Love the teapots x