Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday morning catch up....

Its only 8.36am and here I am writing another blog post!  I have lots to do this morning as I had a 'day off' yesterday to help my lovely husband with a trade show at our local Fair - Canwell Show.  The weather was gorgeous (as shown by my slightly burned head and strap marks!!) and all the kids loved having a seat on the quad bikes and their parents were snapping away with their cameras!!  We had to put signs up eventually saying 'No sitting on the Quad Bikes' as thats not what they were there for!! (My husband sells the quad bikes and tractor window protection - blatant plug!!) I would have plenty of photos to show you as I took my camera - but made the epic mistake of forgetting to take the battery off charge and putting it back in the camera!! NOoooooo!!!! Silly silly me!!

In other news I have made some beautiful linen and scarlet bunting for a company Called 'Charlie Locks Skincare'  I have known the owner Julie for ages from Twitter and was thrilled when she showed me the photos of the bunting in its place - apologies for the screen shot from my phone - but my iphoto editing is not playing ball this morning!!

I saw this fantastic rainbow on my way home from my studio one night - gorgeous!!!
I work in a basement studio which has no windows!!  So seeing the light of day again and this beautiful rainbow made my day!!

During last week me and the husband were talking about films we hadn't seen and I hadn't seen the original Star Wars!! Husband was horrified by this and so i brought the box set of episode 4-6 and ew watched one a night whilst drinking lovely cups of tea with biscuits or eating a lovely beef stew I made (beef stew - in August!! - Crazy!! ) But the weather has been so crazy it was nice to have something homely :)  I must write the recipe down and post it on here for you!!! 

This is a bit of what I have been doing in my studio - as I'm working on a homewares contract at the moment I can't show you any of the beautiful fabric I'm working with by I can show you the sheer scale of the job - Below is 60 tea cosy lining halves.  All ready to be sewn up into 30 tea cosies!!
Its going very well at the moment and its nice to be busy again!! 

As I'm not working from home anymore I don't get to give my cat Mr Jack as many snuggles as I used to!! 

But he's happy curling up on the quilt I made him.  We have another cat now called Gucci and I need to make her a quilt too.  I have some Moda Sunkissed fabric Jelly Roll (strips)

 but I'm not sure I can bring myself to use it on the cat quilt!! lol :)

This week will be full of sewing for the homewares company and this Sunday me and my husband are off to the Cornwall Design Fair and Shepton Mallet Show.  Its going to be a long day as its 300 miles to Penzance for the Cornwall Design Fair but I may have a stand there next year so its worth checking out and we are popping to the Shepton Mallet show in Devon on the way home!!

Hopefully this time I'll remember to put the battery in my camera!!!