Monday, 15 July 2013

Let the sunshine

Looks like keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine worked a treat!!

Its beautiful weather at the moment.  Ahhh, I love the sun me :)

I'm really sorry I haven't been blogging - where did June go!?  It went by in a flash!

June saw me & my husband making our yearly pilgrimage to Cornwall for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary.

Traditionally the present to get on 2nd anniversary is cotton or china - and I got this!

So cute!!!!!  I'm a bit silly when it comes to my mugs - I love collecting them - the bigger the better!
But I only drink certain things from certain mugs - like the one above is ONLY for tea and I have a Cath Kidston one thats ONLY for coffee.  weird huh??

I'm not drinking much tea at the moment due to the hot weather so my mugs are being a little neglected :(

We had a lovely time in Cornwall and I was so lucky that when we popped into the new Poppy Treffry shop in St Ives the lovely lady herself was there! We had a little chat while she wrapped up my mug, she's such a lovely person and we were chatting in Twitter on the night too!

We weren't blessed with the best weather in Cornwall but we had a great time all the same - when it rains a lot I always have a DVD box set to put on to pass the time.  Last year was Homeland and this year was Game of Thrones.  We got so into Game of Thrones that we had to go out and buy the second season immediately after we watched the first!!  ADDICTIVE!!

July is all about The Handmade Bazaar - Al Fresco!  Taking place in The Mall Sutton Coldfield on Sat 20th july and again on 17th Aug.  There's 18 concessions all of the highest quality handmade items.

I've been busy printing up my new designs and making new things so I though I'd pop a few pics on for you incase you haven't seen them on Facebook.

This beautiful chaise/telephone table was crying out for help!
I used Annie Sloan 'original' paint and my own Starburst fabric
The antique brass studs are all put in by hand - over 400 of them!!
A labour of love and I'm so happy with the result!

A stack of my new cushions

My new lampshades

I've had loads of fun up-cycling furniture, making lampshades and cushions and memo boards and trying to show off my fabrics to their best!

So if you are local to Sutton Coldfield, please please pop over and come and see us on 20th July!!!!