Thursday, 11 August 2011

Treble trouble crochet!!

I love crocheting - but I've really struggled to find the time to do it.  And when I can the only stitch I know is double crochet (dc)!  But for some strange reason I had a go yesterday and BANG! I got it, just like that! I could treble, double treble, cluster, etc!  So strange!! I was sooooo happy I had a go at a granny square immediately  which was silly as it ended up like this:

Some strange, wonky thing!!

But I was still happy!! So I treated myself....only a little bit....really.....oh, okay!! A LOT!!

Lots of lovely colourful balls of DK.
Some are Sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk, extra fine merino wool dk and Rowan Pure wool dk.
Which will be used for lots and lots of playing with my new book
Love the patterns in this especially this one
How beautiful is this blanket!!  I think I'm going to do a darker version as I'm very very messy and become terribly clumsy with food and drink around anything that light! So I'm thinking a nice grey for the main colour and lots of lovely blues, fuchsias, purples, greens and raspberry colours - but I would need 21 balls of the main colour and I just can't stretch to this at the moment so for now I'm happy with messing around and trying to perfect these

My first proper granny square!!  I didn't want to stop after this one!  I wanted to keep doing round after round after round! So you might see a few cushions popping up over the next few months!

I also picked up a few balls of Patons 100% cotton dk and 4 ply for these:

My new dish/wash cloths!  This one took me about 5 hours as its double crochet and treble crochet - I am officially the worlds slowest crocheter!!  But I'm sure I will get faster - I need to! I want to sell these on my website and at the 2 craft fairs I have at the end of the month so I best get hooking!!

I have also joined up with the lovely Jean-Mary from Meanyjar who is a much better crocheter than me and she will be making up some lovely flowers and hearts as embellishment for my items.  Pop over and have a look at her blog - she's got a cracking sense of humour and is a mean hooker - in crochet of course!!  

In other news I had a little giveaway on my facebook page  for a set of my coasters - thanks to everyone that entered!!  The winner Kelly had this little parcel posted to her

Kelly, I hope you like them!!

We also have had a new addition to the household in the shape of this little beauty

Meet Gucci - yes, like the posh brand!! Gucci has come to live with me, my husband and our cat Jack because her owner is moving abroad.  We hope she will be very happy and is already settling in nicely - apart from hissing at Jack!! Who takes absolutely no notice as he's to old to care nowadays!  Gucci is only 9 and its nice to have a younger cat in the house, even though she talks so much!!  But she's good fun and is always chasing after the yarn when I'm trying to crochet!!

I will leave you with a pic of another new project on the go in the barn.  

I bet you can't guess what it's going to be!! lol :)


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  1. Ah thank you!! :-) Your granny squares are lovely! You are great at crochet!!