Saturday, 1 October 2011

The things I do for love......of fabric

Well it's 26 degrees here and I'm boiling!!  I've just got back from a 200 mile round trip to Chipping Sodbury north of Bristol.  A little jaunt down the M5....for 2 hours each way!

And I didn't just do this for fun!! Though I do like driving.. I'm one of those weird ones!!

I went to the Vintage and Textile Fair.  Hosted by these guys Vintage and Handmade

I'd hear about it via Facebook etc and had wanted to go for about 6 weeks, the husband was fine with it.....until this morning, when he said he wouldn't lend me the money (he's the main breadwinner) OMG!!  I was soooo mad!! So do you know what I did?


Dipped into my savings (ooops) and off I skipped!!

Want to see what I got?????


Selection of scrap fabric, ribbon and buttons from
the very helpful Sarah Hardaker
who's lovely company prints patterns onto linen fabric - a must for linen lovers like me!

Can't wait to tear these open and have a play!!  but had to photograph them for you first!!

Beautiful set of Liberty fabrics
Must visit Liberty in the future!!!

A few other bits and bobs!
Namely french linen! Yey!! and I can't resist a tartan scarf - perfect for turning into a homely doorstop!

These two beautiful pieces of fabric were from the lovely Backstitch
I will definitely be swinging by to look at their lovely wares again!

Last but not least - french linen.....oh, how wonderful this stuff is!!
And soooooo hard to find in Birmingham!! :( Booo!!

Just a short post today as I really need to get in the shower and get ready for LIONFEST! 

Its our local pub having a raffle for Help For Heroes ( I shall be donating a make up bag and face scrubs and a lavender heart or two) as well as my friends 'Midlife Crisis' all playing their wonderful music while the sun goes down.

Should be a good one!!


  1. Oh what great finds! Have fun opening them all :)

  2. love your buys from the vintage and handmade fair...really wanted to go, but a bit far for me :( enjoy your new bits and pieces :)

  3. whatever!!! lol x

    Bring them round and show me, i love the look of those scrap fabric packs, me want to see them
    c u monday
    emma x