Friday, 7 October 2011

New Product Reveal!!

Make Your Own Kits!!!!

I have decided to start making and selling some kits of my lavender hearts and pocket tissue cases that you can make yourself or give as a present.

Below are the new labels - which took me sooooo long to sort!!

This is what you get in the Lavender Kit:
Enough fabric, lavender and ribbon, buttons and thread to make 2 hearts
Including pins and a needle!

All packaged up in this nice pink bag - perfect for giving as a present - no wrapping required!!

This is the pocket tissue cases kit:
But its made using 30% wool felt from Sew Sweet instead of fabric

It too has its own labels:

It includes 4 pieces of felt in vintage colours: pale blue, rose pink, sage green and antique cream.
It also has the thread, pins, needles, ribbons, buttons and the all important tissues!!

It also has a few scraps of felt and a template of flowers and petals so you can create your own flower like on the picture below (flower by Sew Sweet)

 And again, is packaged up in it's own beautiful gift bag - ready to go!

The kits are priced at £6.50 each and include postage and packaging 
which is FREE on my website for all UK orders at the moment.

These kits will be on the website

And if you mention my blog post when you place your order I will throw in a free gift!!

 I have a few more new gift type items to show you over the weekend
but for now its back to making those darn labels! :)

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