Wednesday, 10 April 2013

All Change Please!!

Hi all,

Sorry it been so long since my last post - I have been busy with this:

Which I'm so happy to say was a HUGE success and we have the meeting for the next one today 

If you want to be kept informed of the next one go like the Facebook page here 

I've also been busy with this:

I'm having a name change!
I've been using 'Your Handmade Home since setting up in Jan 2012, but over the past months my style has been changing and developing and I no longer concentrate on homewares alone - so I thought a name change was the best way to put across my fresh new ideas!

I will also have a new website - but Its not quite ready yet!

In the mean time - if you want a BARGAIN get over to my website
For this:

I'm selling off the rest of my aprons, tea towels, napkins, 
coasters and placemats.
All in perfect condition - I just need to raise funds
and clear some space for new designs!

So if you like the look of these:
Astor Apron 

Daisy Apron 


Cotton Tea Towel
Linen Tea Towel 


Please pop over!

Thanks! And I'll update you all about the next pop up shop ASAP!


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