Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Craft Room

I know I have been promising you all this post for aggggeeeesssss!! So here it is!!

This is my craft room before - Its the spare room in our 2 bed maisonette.  Its a very long thin room and I have to share it with the machine machine and dryer - but hey, I get the washing done at least!

A bit messy isn't it!!  Please excuse the yellow tint to the pics - the walls are yellow - not my choice but no way I had time to paint the walls!!  At the far end is the desk - this thing is huge!! But a weird curved shape and not ideal for cutting fabric - I did this on the bed!! The boxes on the left hold all my finished products and the right is my ironing board (which has definitely seen better days!) 

Lots and lots of boxes! I used to have 6 huge plastic boxes to take my things to craft fairs in - now I use 2 huge suitcases and just wheel them inside - so much easier!! 

Heres a close up of the desk.  Theres a lot of stuff floating around as this was just before I packed everything up!  You can just spot my sewing machine at the back there!!

Isn't that looking a bit better! A nice clean desk! And you can see the floor!! lol :)

Desk removed and new Ikea Expedit units in its place.

This is Gucci - trying to help out!! 

There were plenty of these drank over the week!!

And these! This mug I picked up at a car boot and I love it!!  It holds about a pint of tea!!

Finally getting organised!! I put one Ikea Expedit unit on top of the other and took everything out of the plastic boxes as there was no room for them any more.

Another cup of tea - in another car boot mug - this one is hand painted and is soooo beautiful!!

Looking much more like a craft room now!!  I had no idea what to use as a table as I wanted it pretty high up so I could stand and cut fabric or sew without hurting my back bending over the table. I also wanted a 1/2 metre wide and 3 metre long table so I had plenty of cutting space.  My husband came up with the idea of using a kitchen worktop and kitchen cupboards - a trip to B & Q and I had them. Bliss!  
Note: I put together ALL the Ikea units, and the cupboards myself - very pleased with myself and the husband was very surprised!!

Can you guess what this is???

Isn't it gorgeous!! Its an old letterpress tray that I picked up from This place is amazing!!

On my Ikea trip I picked up this spice rack and jars and now it holds (some) of my button stash!

My scissor holder was a bargain from TK Maxx

Close up of the Ikea units and I treated myself to some fairy lights :)

This pic is a bit blurry but it shows you the wall above my desk  - the ribbon storage is two picture rails from Ikea (Ribba range)

As you can see all my ribbons fit wonderfully and yes, I have an East Of India ribbon obsession!!

Lots of bias binding and Christmassy ric rac at this end of the rail.

I picked this basket up from a car boot and it now holds my fabric scraps.

Couldn't resist this mug - its too beautiful to drink from so it holds all my pens

I keep all my thread and these tall milkshake cups are perfect for storing them!

Looting much more organised now!!

Last car boot find - I've been looking for one of these for ages!! Looks lovely on my craft table at fairs.

Well thats it!! Thats my craft room!!  I hope you enjoyed reading about it and I hope I've gave you some storage tips!!  Would love to see your crafty spaces so post a link below! 


  1. Fab! Andyouve got some great storage ideas in there, love them all, especially the scissor hanger, thread and ribbon organisers!

    The fairy lights are just the icing on the cake!

  2. I'm so jealous! I would love a room of my own for all my crafty things. The spice rack is a fab idea, clever you.

    Emma xxx xxx

  3. OOOh thanks for the lovely rummage in your craft room!! Brilliant ideas, very organised...glad you hung some fairy lights too :) x

  4. love love love your thread holder, what a fantastic idea!

  5. Oh I covet your craft room, you have done a fantastic job there, I bet you are really enjoying it after all your hard work and using a kitchen work top is a great idea

  6. I was sent over to your blog from Richard...Just wanted to comment that I LOVE the stuff you make...AND your craft room! I just love homemade if I were walking through a mall and saw your booth, I would have definitely paid you a visit!